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07 Dec 2011

Stainless steel is recognized as one of the wellbeing elements from the entire world. Soon after quite a few yrs of researches and developments, the stainless steel continues to be widely made use of in foods processing pipeline, beverage, dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical industry along with other industries.Rod mill is extensively used to metal and non-metal mines and h2o conservancy. The machine may be employed in tungsten and tin ores, in conjunction with other uncommon metal ores, in order to stop the hurt of more than grinding, they normally adopt rod grinding; when producing use of two stages ore grinding progress, about the affliction exactly where the rather to begin with phase is grinding from in between twenty and 6 mm to...

01 Dec 2011

Nowadays, heat exchanger is applied a lot more commonly in areas such as industry and agriculture. So, how to select a well-functioned and durable heat exchanger? Right now, there are mainly two kinds of heat exchangers at the market – the stainless-steel tube exchanger and the brass tube heat exchanger.Choose quality rod mill, coal mill and water coal slurry equipment from China leading producer and distributor Which is better? Today, I would like to give a detailed comparison of the two exchangers and hope it can be some help to you!
First of all, a list of the benefits of stainless steel tube is presented!
One: with as thin as 0.5-0.8mm thin wall, the overall performance of the stainless-steel heat exchanger is improved. Under...

24 Nov 2011

Today, stainless-steel is acknowledged to be a sort of great materials which continues to be far and widely used in transportation pipelines of food processing, which includes drug industry, beverage market, brewing industry and so forth. Stainless-steel rod mill possesses a great deal of tremendous homes. Next we will have a further knowledge of stainless steel rod mill.
Excellent Inactivation of Stainless Steel
PH, dissolved oxygen, impurity and remedy chemical substances in h2o - every one of these can result in the corrosion of rod mill. Even though on the surface of the stainless-steel rod mill, there is a layer of oxidation movie, thin and dense. This layer of materials will have chemical reactions with oxidants, that will...